I swore an oath to support and defend, and with great pride went in harm’s way more than once on behalf of, something larger than myself.

It was an ideal: “ONE AMERICA”

It was not a “WHITE AMERICA,” not a “BLACK AMERICA,” not a “HISPANIC AMERICA,” not an “ASIAN AMERICA,” not an America that segregates, separates, nor discriminates, and not an America that preached intolerance.

It was ONE INCLUSIVE AMERICA consistently endeavoring toward equality and justice for all, and it still is:

“ONE AMERICA” believing in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for each and every American.

“ONE AMERICA” providing space for all our citizens who abide by our laws and respect the rights of others to live without fear because ALL lives matter.

“ONE AMERICA” searching for truth with rational thought as opposed to emotionally overreacting based upon irrational misperceptions.

“ONE AMERICA” confidently accepting constructive criticism with a genuine desire to continually improve.

“ONE AMERICA” peacefully coexisting with and showing tolerance for our fellow Americans despite the passionate differences of our countless diverse groups, peoples, and “tribes.”

“ONE AMERICA” consisting of citizens willingly subjugating themselves to the rule of law despite how strongly each may want to take matters into their own hands or impose their own beliefs.

“ONE AMERICA” exhibiting to the rest of the world that our fragile, and relatively young, experiment with democracy, with such a heterogeneous group of people, will not only survive but, has, can, and will continue to enable us to excel and be something truly exceptional, not regardless of our differences but, because of our unique inclusiveness of our dissimilarities.

“ONE AMERICA” compassionately caring for those in need and empowering the disadvantaged while strongly advocating individual accountability, responsibility, and self-reliance.

“ONE AMERICA” enthusiastically embracing and facilitating creative, innovative, and free thought to elevate and enhance our human condition.

“ONE AMERICA” steadfastly demonstrating tolerance for all, except those who refuse to exhibit tolerance for others.

“ONE AMERICA” remaining strong so as to maintain peace and stability throughout the world.

Is America perfect? No. Has America made mistakes? Yes. Will America survive and continue to improve?

Only as “ONE AMERICA.”