BULL LOGO - Aug 16



On the campaign trail, whenever I am asked if I am a Republican or a Democrat,  I always answer, quite honestly and resolutely:




This is not intended to be a joke nor an attempt to “hide” my party affiliation.  It is instead, an attempt to elevate other’s perspectives so as to focus people on electing those who place our national interests above partisan politics.


Unlike most career politicians, I have served our Nation in an apolitical capacity as a United States Marine for most of my adult life.


Last year when my wife and I considered running for our first elected public office, we seriously considered running on an independent ticket.


We felt there where areas that could be improved on both sides of the aisle and that most people with whom we interact wanted to see a more unified country.


 A very close friend and amazing graphic designer, Todd Ferris, created our campaign logo which incorporated the following:


1. RED & BLUE MERGING – Represents the unification our two major parties;

2. FOUR STARS – Represent the people of our 4th Congressional district;

3. “ONE AMERICA” – Represents our belief in a unified Nation and placing the Nation above partisan politics;

4.  BULL – The bold, proud, patriotic, and persistent Bull, rising up and out of the political circle, represents my desire to do the right things, at the right times, for the right reasons;

5. BULL’s EYE STAR – Represents our optimistic belief that ANYTHING is possible.


 However, in a political system such as ours, not having the backing of a major party is a non-starter… unless you have tons of money… which we don’t.


Since we would be running against an incumbent Democrat, we knew we wouldn’t be afforded an opportunity to run on the Democratic ticket.


Moreover, our views are much more aligned with the overarching views which led Abraham Lincoln and others to establish and maintain the Republican party and which must be upheld as we move forward.


As such we approached, requested, and gained the endorsement and support of the Republican Party for which we are very thankful. 


For those who may have some negative misconceptions of the Republican Party or who still question why I am a Republican, I request you watch this short video of Elbert Guillory who articulates much better than I  “Why I Am a Republican

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_YQ8560E1w )


We now have the support of FIVE parties: Independence, Conservative, Tax Revolt, Reform, and Republican. However, I remain an AMERICAN FIRST and will continue work toward unifying our great Nation and representing everyone with respect and dignity.


Semper Fi,